Plan your culture change programme


For HSE, the process to achieve world-class performance is moving from having an HSE-MS "in place" through to actually "bringing it to life".  This requires us to focus on developing three key elements:

1. Personal responsibility: We understand and accept what should be done and know what is expected of us.

2. Individual consequences: We understand and accept that there is a fair system for reward and discipline.

3. Proactive interventions: We work safely because we are motivated to do the right things naturally, not just because we are told to.  We want to make interventions and actively participate in improvement activities.

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The first two elements are about setting the right expectations and conditions to encourage safe behaviour - i.e. people know and have the competence to do the right things, and are encouraged to do so by having a fair system of reward and punishment.  Whilst parts of the Hearts and Minds tools can help in putting these elements in place, the organisation will likely also have other ways to achieve this.

The Hearts and Minds tools can have the biggest impact in helping to fulfill the third element, by providing a way to have meaningful proactive interventions with the workforce.

Weaknesses in any of these three key elements inhibit behavioural and cultural change.  We must balance our resources and efforts such that each element receives the necessary focus.

A simple plan

The following is one possible may of implementing a cultural change programme.

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