I need to order a few items, do I receive a discount?

    As a guide, we normally offer a 10% discount on purchases of 25+ copies of one item. We can provide bigger discounts on larger volumes. Please contact pubs@energyinst.org with your requirements and we will get back to you with a discounted price. https://publishing.energyinst.org/heartsandminds/base-to-insert-logo

    Where do I pay?

    Please fill out an order form to pay by invoice or credit/debit card, otherwise please contact Turpin Distribution at: energyinst@turpin-distribution.com with your order requirements. They can invoice or take credit/debit cards payments, but please note that payment must be received before the items are sent out.

    What are the worksheets/inserts in the order form?

    There are four brochures that use inserts or worksheets:

    1. Understanding Your Culture
    Understanding Your Culture and Understanding Your Culture inserts are sold separately (for version 5) or freely downloadable for version 6. The version 5 set contains 50 sheets for use within a group (enough for 50 people).

    2. Risk Assessment Matrix
    The Risk Assessment Matrix can be used standalone, but you can also purchase Hearts and Minds post-it notes and magnets.

    3. Improving Supervision
    The Improving Supervision brochure is supplied with six worksheets. These can be reused, but extra sets (for groups) can be ordered if necessary.

    4. Managing Rule Breaking
    Managing Rule Breaking is supplied with four worksheets. Two are scratchforms (Procedures and Practices Questionnaire and Worksite Conditions Questionnaire) and as such can only be used once. Additional copies can be ordered. The other two are designed can be reused.    

    Who should I contact if I have a query?

    If you have a query about the tools please contact us on pubs@energyinst.org. This inbox is monitored regularly and you should receive a response within 2-3 working days. Any order queries (regarding payment, delivery etc) should in the first instance be directed to our book distributors, Turpin Distribution. They can be contacted on: +44 (0) 1767 604 951 or energyinst@turpin-distribution.com. If you have any further problems please contact us on pubs@energyinst.org

    I need a language version/booklet that isn't mentioned, what should I do?

    We print in as many languages as we can but if yours does not appear, or a brochure from your language set has not yet been produced, please contact us on pubs@energyinst.org with your requirements and we will try to help you.

    Are the booklets printed or online?

    The booklets in the order form are all printed copies. However, there are many free online resources, including sample pages from the printed booklets, available within the relevant Toolkit page.

    What are the shipping charges?

    Typical shipping costs for hard copy orders:

    Region Under £200 £200-£800 More than £800
    UK £5.00 £8.50 FREE
    Western Europe £10.00 £17.50 FREE
    Rest of Europe £12.50 £20.00 FREE
    North America £17.50 £25.00 FREE
    Rest of world £22.50 £30.00 FREE

    Does it cost to register with the Hearts and Minds website?

    It does not cost to become a Hearts and Minds registered user and gain access to the additional resources.

    How can I gain access to the additional resources?

    If you are not registered, click 'sign up' at the top of this page.  Once registered and logged in, additional resources will display on each of the toolkit pages (click here).

    Who owns the copyright on Hearts and Minds materials?

    The copyright on the Hearts and Minds materials resides with Shell, however they can be used by non-Shell companies and individuals once purchased (as hard copy documents), or downloaded (for freely downloadable content), or if purchased as part of a company licence (while the licence is still in effect), in their orginal form. We suggest that each person making use of the tools (such as those running workshops, supervisors, trainers, etc.) has a copy of the relevant tools. Hard copy booklets may not be copied or photocopied. Booklet-based tools are available as PDF downloads for companies only (not for invidual purchase). The tools can be used in conjunction with other non-Hearts and Minds tools and safety programmes. However, they cannot be modified in either content or presentation/branding without explicit written permission from Shell. If you wish to make modifications to the tools please contact pubs@energyinst.org specifying the modifications you wish to make.