Individual consequences

The journey to bring HSE-MS to life is about changing habits, adopting new pro-active behaviours and instilling a new level of compliance. Showing appreciation and providing encouragement should continue.

There also needs to be a clear formal link between actions and consequences to reinforce and reward the required behaviours and actions, and to discourage incorrect ones.

Appraisal systems also need to reflect the aspired goals, rewarding those who deliver but with the appropriate mechanisms in place when coaching is needed. Unsafe acts at all levels must be dealt with immediately in a just, fair and transparent way.

Typical characteristics are:

Consequences of safe behaviour

  • Coaching
  • Recognition, praise, trust
  • Just and fair reward
  • Career enhancing
  • Feel better, be healthy, be safe 

Consequences of negative behaviour

  • Coaching
  • Criticism, distrust
  • Just and fair discipline
  • Dismissal
  • Injury and illness