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EI Hearts and Minds and culture change training

Delivering Safety Culture Change using the Hearts and Minds Toolkit

This 3-day interactive training course and certificate will teach delegates the fundamentals of improving safety culture using the award-winning Hearts and Minds toolkit.  It will teach the fundamentals of safety culture change, focusing on the various stages of a culture change programme, from design to implementation and review.

Facilitated by two of the original developers of the Hearts and Minds toolkit, the course will:

  • Teach the fundamentals of safety culture change, focusing on the various stages of a culture change programme, from design to implementation and review.
  • Provide an overview of the Hearts and Minds toolkit and enable delegates to understand how to make the best use of the tools available.
  • Enable delegates to learn from some of the leading experts on safety culture change.
  • Provide delegates with a Certificate in Delivering Safety Culture Change from the Energy Institute, following completion of an exam.

Illustrated with case studies and examples from the course facilitators’ own experiences, delegates will also have the opportunity to design a bespoke culture change plan, either hypothetical or for implementation in their own organisations.

Upcoming courses

23rd - 25th April 2024 - F2F - London

8th - 10th October 2024 - F2F - London

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Trainers and consultants

There are a number of independent trainers and consultants who offer consultancy services around using Hearts and Minds, including help in implementation and training.


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Charles Cowley

Independent consultant

Charles is an independent consultant with 10 years of experience leading safety culture improvement activities in Shell, including leading Hearts and Minds workshops and coaching managers in safety leadership. With over 25 years of experience working for Shell, Charles was also involved in managing competence assurance and in the development and auditing of management systems. Since becoming an independent consultant, Charles' work has included providing safety culture coaching, process safety leadership support as well as audit support.

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Tatjana Draese


Tatjana is an independent consultant with more than 20 years of experience in HSE & Sustainability from the aluminum rolling industry in various leadership positions and a track record in incidence reduction. She offers tailor-made concepts to help you understand where you stand and which measures or tools will get you where you want to go - whether it is simply compliance, continuous improvement or developing a sustainable safety culture. Tatjana uses the Hearts and Minds toolkit to deliver safety cultural change. In addition to holistic concepts, she supports with customized workshops and trainings as well as coaching of operational leaders by accompanying them in their day-to-day business.

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Patrick Kools

GoGen - Beyond rules

Patrick aims to co-create new directions in complex environments. He has a passion for and vision for culture change and works from the belief that care and connection lead to excellence in high risk environments.  He works with industry and healthcare organisations, aiming to 'create new directions and high performance'.  Care, compassion and non-judgement are central themes of this work. Patrick is a frequent speaker and writer on issues related to safety and team cooperation. To further shape his vision on safety in high risk organisations, Patrick has recently started GoGen - Beyond Rules. GoGen aims to create platforms of trust with all stakeholders to enable organisations to move from a highly controlled prescription of activities to creating an organisational culture within which everyone is personally involved in ensuring the safety of all. Patrick works extensively with the Hearts and Minds materials.

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Lisbeth Holberg

HOLBERG – Making safety tangible

Lisbeth Holberg is an independent consultant since 2009, with a core business around making safety tangible to managers and employees. They are often asked to ‘do better on safety’ – but what exactly is it they should do? This is what Lisbeth helps them to identify, drawing extensively on the Hearts and Minds tools in all of her work. Lisbeth has a solid client base in offshore wind (construction, operations and maintenance), oil & gas, thermal power and construction industry. Before settling as an independent consultant, Lisbeth worked 9 years in oil & gas, with all aspects of environmental, health, safety and quality aspects involved in exploration and production. Lisbeth has worked with Hearts & Minds since 2007.

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Prof. Patrick Hudson

Delft University

Patrick Hudson is Prof. at Delft University, and is one of the original researchers who worked on the Hearts and Minds development. Patrick is one of the leading experts in behavioural safety, and has also developed a number of the Hearts and Minds additional resources, including the recent Human failure taxonomy.

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Ed Janssen

Risk Management Consultancy / HSE Policy Advisor

Ed Jansen worked as HSE Policy Advisor at Shell where he was responsible for the development of HSE management systems, including Bow Tie risk analysis, Tripod Beta and Tipod Delta. Ed is now an independent consultant working in the area of risk managment, Organisational culture, and incident investigation. Ed is an accredited Tripod Beta assessor, trainer and practicioner. Ed recently completed consultation to the Shell Learning Centre on updating HSE learning courses, including Hearts and Minds.

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Dr Matthew Lawrie

Culture Regeneration Associates Ltd

Matthew is one of the original team that worked on developing the Hearts and Minds toolkit, while he was at the University of Manchester as a postgraduate, and then as a Post-Doctoral researcher.  Matthew is a Chartered Member of the British Psychological Society, and has been an independent consultant for over ten years, working with multinational organisations in the global energy industry to improve their organisational safety culture and leadership.  He has extensive experience of working in many different regions of the world, including America, Asia, Africa and Europe.  Together with Prof. Dianne Parker, he delivers the Energy Institute’s highly regarded introductory training course on using the Hearts and Minds toolkit to deliver safety culture change.  His key areas of interest include coaching leadership/ senior management on improving their impact on culture; facilitating leaders to develop appropriate actions and assisting in their implementation; deep theoretical knowledge and practical experience of organisational and safety culture.

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Prof. Dianne Parker

Independent consultant

Dianne is one of the original developers of Hearts and Minds, and was a Prof. at Manchester University, UK. Dianne is now an independent consultant, and delivers Hearts and Minds training and consultancy services. Recently Dianne has worked to implement Hearts and Minds within the health industry, and has developed Hearts and Minds training for the EI.

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Risk Management Consultancy

Risk Management Consultancy helps companies to improve safety performance by strengthening the safety culture, leadership and management systems. Within our culture and leadership development programs, we often facilitate modules out of the H&M program. Our programs are always custom designed and delivered through accredited Facilitators. RMC has over 20 years of experience in supporting companies on their journey on the Safety Culture Ladder in different industries on a global basis.

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Global Transformation Experts

Zhimble is a consultancy firm working with leaders in the process industry to transform their organization, creating ownership at every level. For the past 15 years, we have served major manufacturing companies. Please contact us for reference information. The Zhimble Ownership Program enables leaders to create favorable conditions for ownership and to increase personal leadership at every level in the organisation. Zhimble has extensive experience with the Hearts and Minds tools and is preferred partner of the Energy Institute for the application of the Hearts and Minds toolkit.
“The most beautiful thing is to see people grow into doing their job with their whole heart. Their energy, drive, initiative and creativity is what inspires me as a leader.” -A site manager

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Oscar Diederich

Geniozz - Learning From Incidents.

In 1996, in his role as ICT coordinator at AdviSafe Risk Management, Oscar was closely involved in the development and automation of several 'safety' related processes, like the Tripod Delta and Hearts & Minds questionnaires, the Tripod DeltaBase and automation of checklists for audits and inspections. In 2006, Oscar said good-bye to ICT and entirely focused on projects involving facilitation of BowTie, Tripod Beta, Tripod Delta and the Hearts & Minds toolkit. As Flying Squad Lead Investigator and Accredited Tripod Beta Trainer, Oscar travelled the world and gained international experiences in various industries. Over the years, naturally, Oscar got more involved in the development and facilitation of workshops and learning events related to Leadership, Safety Culture and Behaviour (SCB) and Hearts & Minds at all levels in the organisation. Oscar is a very driven and enthusiastic trainer and workshop facilitator at heart. In 2018, being 24 years in business, he founded his company Geniozz - Learning From Incidents.

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Ethos Empowerment

Empowerment through Engagement

Ethos helps individuals and organisations to develop a culture of success. We do this by recognising and unlocking the full potential of people and organisations. We help to improve and mature the culture of the organisation by focusing on three interdependent aspects: -

  • Belief - 'What people believe' Individual and group values, attitudes and perceptions
  • Organisation - 'What the organisation has' Policies, procedures, regulation, organisational structures and the management system
  • Behaviour - 'What people do'

The Ethos team has supported organisations worldwide in high hazard industries over the past 30 years by providing tailored solutions to develop mature safety cultures.

North America

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John Sherban

P.Eng. Fully accredited Tripod BETA Practitioner / Trainer / Assessor

With over 30 years of experience in a wide range of petrochemical and electrical utility business activities.  Whilst employed in Canada and as international engineering staff with Shell in the Middle East, Europe and West Africa, John held a number of increasingly senior leadership roles.  He has worked and travelled extensively and appreciates the importance of professionalism, cultural understanding, impeccable objectivity and thoroughness in all of his endeavours.  John’s work focuses on helping large organisations improve their organisational effectiveness through the proper implementation of various tools important to risk management.  These include Tripod BETA incident analysis, BowTieXP proactive risk assessment and the suite of Hearts and Minds tools. Utilising his engineering training and experience, John is able to integrate highly technical cause and effect relationships with more diverse probabilistic human performance factors.  John’s belief is that understanding and maturing an effective organisational culture is the route to improved overall business performance.

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Tonia Devenis

Canadian Safety Institute

Mrs. Tonia Devenis, a founder of Canadian Safety Institute Ltd., has devoted 25+ years to leading HSE delivery for multinational organizations within the oil and gas industry, including BP, Shell, and Talisman Energy. She has worked on various international projects in the US, Canada, Russia, and Iraq. Mrs. Devenis holds credentials as a Canadian Registered Safety Professional and U.S. Certified Safety Professional. Currently, Mrs. Devenis leads Canadian Safety Institute Ltd., an HSE consulting and training company operating in North America and world-wide. The company offers a wide range of services, including safety culture and leadership consulting, HSE systems, risk management, emergency and crisis management, as well as NEBOSH-accredited courses and bespoke training programs.

South America

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Psicologia do trabalho

Since 1997, Comportamento is a consultancy which supports companies on their journey on the Safety Culture Ladder in different industries and countries. Our vision is to help them improve safety performance by strengthening the culture of care and valuing life. Not only that, our mission is to support companies to develop preventive cultures through specific strategies with significant short, medium and long term results. How we do this? Conducting this cultural change with a custom designed application from H&M programs.


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Sheila A. Ejalu

Road Safety Education / Behaviour Change Consultant

Sheila A. Ejalu is a former Royal Dutch Shell Safety Behaviour and Culture Change expert and is the founder of RoadSense Africa. As Hearts and Minds/Drive to Live Coordinator at Shell Oil Products Africa (SOPAF) she ran Shell Africa's first ever safety Culture Change and road safety programme (Drive to Live) across 31 countries in Africa training staff and over 3,000 professional Heavy Good Vehicles (HGV) drivers in English, French and Swahili. Sheila Ejalu remarks: "As I continue my international road safety consultancy work I am constantly grateful for my knowledge and experience of the full range of Heart and Minds tools. In every case, the tools, particularly Driving for Excellence, enable me to rapidly expose and address some of the deepest cultural barriers and attitudes to safe practice across a range of multicultural audiences”. Sheila Ejalu holds an MBA and MSc in Development Management, is multilingual with experience in multinational corporate as well as non-governmental organisations (NGOs) gained in Europe and Africa, across a range of multicultural environments and business sectors.

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Bob Fox

Principal, BOHIKA cc

Bob Fox was involved on the Shell Houdini project, which involved 40,000 construction contractors. His role was to equip local trainers with sufficient behavioural skills, to enable them, in turn, to train Contractor Supervisors. Bob combined H&M and Supervisor learning modules in 2007 for SIEP. This material was used to develop the 'Train The Trainer' module. Bob has also delivered H&M workshops in the Middle & Far East, Africa and Europe.

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Ayo Awoyemi


Ayo has 30 years of experience in Fire and safety Engineering, Operational and process safety, Risk Management, Learning and Development in the petroleum industry. This experience includes a wide range of key HSE and People management competencies in fire and safety engineering, technical safety, contract HSE management, Incident and accident investigation and analysis (using Tripod Beta tool), etc. Ayo worked for Shell International Petroleum Company in Nigeria and United Kingdom. As head of technical and operational safety in Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company (SNEPCo), Ayo championed the roll out of Hearts and Minds in all SNEPCo assets and facilities. He retired as Head of Safety, Shell Africa Region (UEG) and SNEPCo. Whilst in this position, he facilitated the implementation of Hearts and Minds in all Shell companies in the Africa Sub-Sahara region. Following his retirement, he worked for a short period with Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) as a Technical Safety Consultant, before establishing his business. Ayo holds BSc Industrial Engineering (Queen's University Belfast) and MSc, Fire Safety Engineering (University of Edinburgh). He is a partner in Hilltop Lighting Systems (Nigeria) and Hilltop Engineering Systems (Kenya), a business whose key focus areas are HSE, Energy & Exterior Lighting

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Dapo Oguntoyinbo


Dapo Oguntoyinbo has over 32yrs  of experience in the petroleum industry and engineering consultancy. He worked for Shell International Petroleum Company for over 28yrs, in both its Upstream and Downstream businesses, in several countries. His last job was General Manager HSSE for Shell Oil Products Africa (SOPAF), where he coordinated the rollout of the Hearts & Minds program across the countries of SOPAF operations in Africa. Prior to this role, Dapo had been the Corporate HSE Manager for Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), where he also coordinated the deployment of Hearts & Minds program, to great success, contributing to making the company one of the best HSE-performing Operating Units (OUs) within 3yrs of the program. He has a solid track record in the implementation of the Hearts & Minds program across the region, and shares skills gained from working in leadership roles in multi-cultural environments across the world. A chartered engineer, he is passionate about HSE, and a firm believer about the contributions of HSE Excellence to business success. He is a partner in Hilltop Engineering Systems (Kenya) & Hilltop Lighting Systems (Nigeria), a business whose areas of focus are HSE, Energy & Exterior Lighting.

East Asia

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Binh Pham


With 7 years of experience as HSSE Manager from 2005 for Shell Vietnam Lubricants, Downstream, Binh Pham conducted many Hearts and Minds workshops for staff and contractors and coached managers and leaders in safety leadership. Binh combined “Hearts and Minds” tools and “Barrier Thinking” training to promote a deep understanding of safety behaviors and he made great improvement in safety culture for nationwide Vietnam. Over 14 years of experience in managing occupational health and safety, Binh experienced a variety of industries like construction, gas processing, electric power and manufacturing etc.  Binh holds BA in Education and Training and M.Sc in OHS and Industrial Hygiene.  He is also the Graduate Member of IOSH and World Safety Organization Certified Safety Instructor [(WSO-CSI (ML)]

Ranga Shingte

SWASYA Solutions Private Limited

Ranga is a passionate safety management professional with 33 years of experience in leading safety culture improvement activities in SHELL, BRITISH GAS and DUPONT including leading Hearts and Minds workshops and coaching managers in safety leadership. As a Senior Consultant in DUPONT Ranga lead safety culture enhancement journeys at 14 different client sites in 9 different countries across the globe. He is the Founder Director of SWASYA Solutions Private Limited, a leading consulting organization in India which uses Organisational Development (OD) and Change Management theory, research and practice to create long-term sustainable change in organisations. He extensively uses Hearts and Minds tools to bring life in safety management systems. Ranga believes that People and People Processes have a significantly higher impact on organizational culture than Technology, Tools and Techniques”.

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Raj Singh

Safety@Work Consultancy Pte Ltd

Safety@Work has been involved most notably on Shell’s Houdini project in Singapore, using Hearts and Minds as the basis for induction training, leadership workshops, as well as a Shell sponsored pioneer course called the Trainee Safety Advisor Programme (TSAP). Safety@Work has also been involved in operations in the Middle East and Asia.

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Abdullah Embong

Scorpion Tact Services

Abdullah holds various accreditation from Universities, Institutions and Accredited bodies world-wide and incurred over 27 years of experience ranging from managing, formulating policies & procedures and educational in HSE & Process Safety, Security, Fire Safety, Leadership and Behavioral Based for offshore Oil & Gas industries particularly in Drilling and Production facilities. Initially, was the Fire, Rescue & Safety Officer for a Port Authority outfit for about 8 years.  HSE institutions / companies including Petroleum Sharing Contractors, Constructions & Plantations outfit has been utilizing our expertise and services in HSE, behavioral & leadership programs, technical writing of procedures/manuals, lecturing, operationalizing systems & procedures, governance, audits, abilities to facilitate Risk Mgmt and Process Safety workshops as well as Mgmt of Major Emergency (MoME) and development of HSE Case for Drilling and Completion & Well Intervention. Since the inception of Hearts & Minds Program in 2003, has being engaged by international outfits as Hearts & Minds Program Implementation Manager while conducting H&M Conditioning and Generative Leadership Workshop.  In 2017 was awarded a contract to manage and execute Hearts & Minds Program for PETRONAS Upstream & Wells and with proven testimony and success story that we can share.

Russia and CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States)

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Tonia Devenis

Canadian Safety Institute

Mrs. Tonia Devenis, a founder of Canadian Safety Institute Ltd., possesses 25+ years of experience leading HSE efforts for multinational organizations in the oil and gas industry, including BP, TNK-BP, Shell, and Talisman Energy. She has successfully managed international projects in the US, Canada, Russia, and Iraq. Currently, Mrs. Devenis leads Canadian Safety Institute Ltd., an HSE consulting and training company operating in the CIS countries of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan. Canadian Safety Institute Ltd. offers a comprehensive suite of consulting services, NEBOSH-accredited courses, and tailored training programs in the CIS. Mrs. Devenis's expertise in safety culture, leadership, HSE systems, and risk management is highly sought after by major international corporations across various industries.