Design your programme

This stage is about determining who will help you undertake the programme, which goals you will aim for, and planning your proactive interventions to help get there.

Step 1: Assemble a project team

These are the people who will help design and run the programme.  The project team should consist of representatives across the organisation, including managers, supervisors and workers.  Involving people throughout the organisation can help create ownership of the programme.  These may be your ‘champions’.  

Step 2: Focus on your goals

Decide which objectives you are going to focus on first (as identified in the 'understand your culture' stage).  It may be worthwhile prioritising them in light of recent incidents, safety critical activities, or ‘quick wins’.  Use the Making change last tool to help determine which goals you should focus on.  

Step 3: Plan your proactive interventions

You should now decide which Hearts and Minds tools you will use to meet your objectives, who they will be used with and who will facilitate their use.

Step 4: How will you measure success?

Think about how you are going to measure whether change is working. 

The EI has produced a research report into monitoring leading and lagging performance indicators for human factors that may help you: Human factors performance indicators for the energy and related process industries.