Understanding Your Culture online survey

Example culture report

The Understanding Your Culture online survey is a customised version of the Hearts and Minds 'Understanding Your HSE Culture' tool made available for use as an online survey.

  • - Easily survey your organisation: conducted entirely online; respondents simply click a link to begin the survey.
  • - Analyse results by different parts of the business, such as location and team.
  • - Have better discussions with staff: by conducting the survey in advance, it will not only provide you a wealth of information to use, but will give more time in workshops for discussion (and key topics/areas to talk about).
  • - Target solutions at specific areas of the company: gain an understanding of where there are issues that need to be explored/discussed and improved.


  • - The survey includes the full set of 23 organisational characteristics from the Hearts and Minds tool that relate to the most important aspects of organisational safety culture, based on twenty years’ experience of using the Hearts and Minds approach in this field.
  • - Each of the 23 survey items comprises of one question and five answer statements (1-3 sentences each), each of which corresponds to one of the levels of the Hearts and Minds safety culture ladder.
  • - The answers to each question can be presented in random order (if requested), with nothing to identify them as ‘proactive’, ‘generative’, etc., or they can be ordered according to the progression of the safety culture ladder.
  • - Survey respondents are required to answer ‘demographic questions’ at the beginning of the survey, such as function/department and site/location, to allow analysis by organisational groups – exact details of these questions will be obtained from you as part of the customisation process.
  • - The company logo can be included in the survey or the Hearts and Minds logo can be used, if preferred.
  • - Users will gain access to the survey by following a web link.  A company email address is not required.
  • - The survey will remain open for a pre-specified period of time (usually a minimum of 2-3 weeks), with periodic updates given to the company on responses to the survey.
  • - The survey can be completed on a mobile device, tablet or a PC/laptop.
  • - All responses are kept confidential.

Following completion of the online survey, the survey reporting features include:

  • - A profile of the perceived strengths and weaknesses of the safety culture in the company across the 23 characteristics of organisational safety based on the safety culture ladder.
  • - Reports will split the response data by the organisational demographics.
  • - PowerPoint format reports will be created for the company for the main parts of the organisation.
  • - Raw data file downloads will be available in Microsoft Excel format.

An online (e.g. MS Teams) feedback presentation session of the overall results is included in the core scope of work.  This session will cover:

  • - an overview of the survey results and how to interpret them.
  • - suggestions of key areas to focus on to improve the safety culture, e.g. in follow up discussion sessions.
  • - guidance on how to discuss the results with people in the organisation and how to gather ideas on how to improve.

Further information

Prices vary according to survey complexity.  For a quotation, or for more information, contact e: heartsandminds@energyinst.org