Hearts and Minds safety culture toolkit

Designed to facilitate cultural change within organisations.  Leverage your workforce to improve safety and operational performance, and reach the top of the ‘culture ladder’.

World class HSE performance

World-class health, safety and environment (HSE) performance involves more than mechanically applying a safety management system. It requires the involvement of everyone in the organisation, from top to bottom, utilising knowledge at all levels, and fully integrating HSE within everyday behaviour.

Good HSE performance is about winning employees ‘hearts and minds’, by getting everyone to work safely, not because they have been told to, but because that is the way they want to work. Improving the safety culture of the organisation, is about making safety a fully integrated part of working behaviour.

How Hearts and Minds can improve your Heath and Safety performance

Find out how to use Hearts and Minds using the 4 steps below:

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For more information on how to use Hearts and Minds effectively to support your HSE performance, please use the FAQ or contact us directly!

Latest developments

The Energy Institute is a non-profit organisation.  Revenue generated by the sale of the Hearts and Minds toolkit is used to update and extend the toolkit by funding research and development. Find out about the latest developments below:

Hearts and Minds now available digitally

The Hearts and Minds materials are now available for purchase as digital copies.  It is now easier than ever for organisations to use Hearts and Minds.

New Hearts and Minds videos available on our YouTube channel

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Last year Hearts and Minds produced a number of new educational videos focusing on bringing more awareness of generative cultures, underlying causes of human behaviour, as well as how to make a cultural change in organisation last. Visit EI YouTube Channel to learn more about these topics and more!

Making compliance easier (formerly Managing rule breaking) - New Hearts and Minds Tool now available for purchase!

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Making compliance easier is a revised version of the well-known Managing rule breaking booklet. This tool is designed to improve human performance at work by making compliance with workplace rules and procedures easier.

At its core, Making compliance easier is about:

1. helping the organisation understand the types mistakes and non-compliances taking place;

2. understanding the causes of mistakes and non-compliances by identifying problem procedures, and

3. establishing a consistent approach to improving rules, procedures, and the working environment.

This Hearts and Minds tool contains workshop exercises, guidance, questionnaires and worksheets, and a facilitators guide is freely available from the Hearts and Minds website. Click here to learn more.

Understanding your HSE and energy culture

Understanding your HSE culture is one of our most widely used Hearts and Minds tools. It emphasises the role of organisational culture in improving health and safety performance, bridging the gap between where the organisations are and where they want to be on the safety culture ladder.

Understanding your energy culture is a booklet designed to assess your organisation against the energy culture ladder, help you improve your energy management and reduce carbon emission.

Click here to find out more about Understanding your HSE and energy culture, and to access a number of our FREE educational materials and videos.

Measuring learning

Developed by the Open University, Measuring learning is a free to download workshop based tool and video to help teams understand 'Are we learning from incidents?'.

What 'soft indicators' are being measured ('are we capable of learning?'). What 'hard indicators' are being measured ('have we actually learned?').

This is an essential tool for organisations to understand whether organisational learning is taking place.

Click here to access the tool.

Reflective learning videos

Nine videos have been developed to help teams reflect on, and learn from past incidents.  These free to download video are available in multiple languages and focus on topics such as lifting, contractor management, barrier management and more.

Click here to download the videos.