Prices and company license

Digital versions

The Hearts and Minds tools are now available for purchase as digital copies.  It is now easier, and more cost effective, than ever before for organisations to implement a culture change programme.

Each tool is available for purchase using our online shop.

The price per tool ranges from £50 - £200 - which grants a limited license to that tool, enabling a single copy to be used by a facilitator with multiple groups of people. (See the online shop page  for full terms and conditions).

Hard copies

Hard copies are temporarily unavailable for purchase.

Company license

EI Technical Partner Company members are already granted a company license and can freely use the Hearts and Minds materials.  Log in and visit our online shop to get free access.

For non-EI Technical Partners, full company licenses are also available granting access to the entire toolkit, in all language versions, for the entire company.  Company licenses range from £5,000 - £15,000 per year.