Reflective LFI engagements e-learning training course

This is a free 45 minute e-learning course aimed at providing those who will be responsible for helping their teams learn from incidents, such as supervisors and managers.

This course will provide users with knowledge and skills to run 'reflective LFI engagements' - team-based discussions and opportunities to help teams make sense of incidents and apply learning to the team's working practices.

This build upon, and compliments, the work described in Learning from incidents.  It will also help you run the Reflective LFI video sessions.

How to access

1. Go to Click 'Log in' (top right of page).

2. If you have not registered for an e-learning course before click 'Create new account'.  (Otherwise skip to step 3).

3. Once you have registered and are signed in, either find the course (listed under 'Hearts and Minds' in the course categories menu) or click this link:  Reflective learning from incidents (LFI) engagements

4. Now click the option to 'Enrol' on the course.

There are three parts to the course:

  • A short questionnaire about yourself.
  • The course itself (45 minutes - Flash needs to be enabled on your PC)
  • A certificate that can be accessed upon completion

For further information (or support) contact Hearts and Minds

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