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ISBN Publication Price (£) Qty
HSE 027Starter Pack (contains 1 copy of each tool, excluding HSE 005, HSE 006, HSE 074. Includes HSE 008 and HSE 010 as part of the main booklets) 170.00 11017
HSE 201Understanding your HSE culture (version 6)10.00 544027
HSE 199Understanding your energy culture10.00 314302
HSE 184Learning from incidents25.00 182541
HSE 007Making Change Last10.00 11088
HSE 001Managing Rule Breaking15.00 11210
HSE 008Managing Rule Breaking worksheets (per set)10.00 11224
HSE 009Driving for Excellence15.00 11032
HSE 018Working Safely15.00 11046
HSE 013Achieving Situation Awareness10.00 11074
HSE 074Achieving Situation Awareness: The Rule of Three for Marine10.00 11060
HSE 004Risk Assessment Matrix: Bringing it to Life15.00 11144
HSE 003Risk Assessment Matrix: Bringing it to Life post-it pads10.00 11116
HSE 012Risk Assessment Matrix: Bringing it to Life magnets (x4)10.00 11130
HSE 002Improving Supervision25.00 11238
HSE 010Improving Supervision inserts only (per set)10.00 11252
HSE 005Understanding your HSE culture (version 5 - available for a limited time only)10.00 10566
HSE 006Understanding Your Culture scoring pads (per 50 sheets) (version 5 - available for a limited time only)20.00 11196
HSE 084Starter pack (includes all individual brochures) (ARABIC)150.00 11280
HSE 037Understanding Your Culture (ARABIC)10.00 11266
HSE 038Understanding Your Culture scoring pads (ARABIC)20.00 11392
HSE 040Making Change Last (ARABIC)10.00 11378
HSE 041Risk Assessment Matrix: Bringing it to Life (ARABIC)15.00 11364
HSE 042Achieving Situation Awareness: The Rule of Three (ARABIC)10.00 11294
HSE 045Improving Supervision (ARABIC)25.00 11406
HSE 046Improving Supervision Inserts (ARABIC)10.00 12848
HSE 047Working Safely (ARABIC)15.00 11322
HSE 048Driving for Excellence (ARABIC)15.00 11308
HSE 092Understanding Your Culture (Chinese)10.00 11490
HSE 097Understanding Your Culture - scoring pads (Chinese)20.00 11476
HSE 099Making Change Last (Chinese)10.00 11434
HSE 090Managing Rule Breaking (Chinese)15.00 11420
HSE 088Achieving Situation Awareness: The Rule of Three (Chinese)10.00 11504
HSE 087Improving Supervision (Chinese)25.00 11448
HSE 182Understanding your culture (Czech)10.00 304001
HSE 183Understanding Your Culture scoring pads (per 50 sheets) (Czech)20.00 304005
HSE 101Managing Rule Breaking (Czech)15.00 11560
HSE 102Managing Rule Breaking inserts only (Czech)10.00 11574
HSE 139Risk Assessment Matrix: Bringing it to Life (CZECH)15.00 11518
HSE 117Improving Supervision (CZECH)25.00 11532
HSE 132Working Safely (CZECH)15.00 11546
HSE 153Understanding your culture10.00 199132
HSE 158Understanding Your Culture scoring pads (per 50 sheets)20.00 199146
HSE 011Understanding Your Culture (NL - Cultuur Begrijpen)10.00 11686
HSE 103Managing Rule Breaking (NL)15.00 11644
HSE 073Managing Rule Breaking worksheets only (per set) (NL - Vragenlijst Condities Werklocatie & Vragenlijst Procedures en Praktijken)10.00 11658
HSE 136Risk Assessment Matrix: Bringing it to Life (NL)15.00 11700
HSE 075Achieving Situation Awareness - The Rule of Three (NL - Situatie-bewust-zijn in vijf minuten: De regel van drie)10.00 11630
HSE 134Improving Supervision (NL)25.00 11616
HSE 028Improving Supervision inserts only (per set) (NL - Supervisie Verbeteren inserts)10.00 11672
HSE 114Working Safely (NL)15.00 11602
HSE 171Understanding your culture (FINNISH)10.00 235994
HSE 172Understanding your culture scoring pads (FINNISH)20.00 236011
HSE 173Making change last (FINNISH)10.00 236025
HSE 169Managing rule breaking (FINNISH)15.00 235958
HSE 174Managing rule breaking inserts only (FINNISH)15.00 236041
HSE 176Achieving situation awareness (FINNISH)10.00 236055
HSE 170Improving Supervision (FINNISH)10.00 235980
HSE 085Starter pack (includes all individual brochures) (FRENCH)150.00 11742
HSE 061Understanding Your Culture (FRENCH - Comprendre la culture de son entreprise)10.00 11728
HSE 062Understanding Your Culture scoring pads (FRENCH - Comprendre la culture de son enterprise. Feuille de notation)20.00 11840
HSE 064Making Change Last (FRENCH - Des changements durables)10.00 11854
HSE 070Managing Rule Breaking (FRENCH - Gestion du non-respect des règles, Boîte à outils)15.00 11770
HSE 071Managing Rule Breaking inserts only (FRENCH - du non-respect des règles, Boîte à outils. Les feuilles seulement)10.00 11714
HSE 065Risk Assessment Matrix: Bringing it to Life (FRENCH - Le tableau d'évaluation des risques 'En faire une réalité')15.00 11826
HSE 141Risk Assessment Matrix: Bringing it to life - post it pads (FRENCH)10.00 12904
HSE 066Achieving Situation Awareness: The Rule of Three (FRENCH - Parvenir à une connaissance de la situation en cinq minutes. La règle de trois)10.00 11812
HSE 068Improving Supervision (FRENCH)25.00 12890
HSE 069Improving Supervision inserts only (FRENCH - Améliorer la supervision. Les feuilles seulement)10.00 11784
HSE 067Working Safely (FRENCH - Travailler en sécurité)15.00 11798
HSE 072Driving for Excellence (FRENCH - Conduire pour l'excellence)15.00 11756
HSE 035Understanding your Culture (GERMAN - Verstehe Deine Kultur)10.00 11882
HSE 036Understanding your Culture scoring pads (GERMAN - Verstehe Deine Kultur scoring pads)20.00 11896
HSE 106Managing Rule-Breaking (GERMAN)15.00 11910
HSE 109Managing Rule Breaking worksheets (per set) (GERMAN)10.00 11924
HSE 138Risk Assessment Matrix: Bringing it to Life (GERMAN)15.00 11868
HSE 112Improving Supervision (GERMAN)25.00 11938
HSE 113Working Safely (GERMAN)15.00 11952
HSE 146Managing Rule Breaking Inserts (HINDI)10.00 12918
HSE 104Managing Rule Breaking (Hindi)15.00 11994
HSE 145Driving for Excellence (HINDI)15.00 11966
HSE 144Working Safely (HINDI)15.00 11980
HSE 142Understanding Your Culture (ITALIAN)10.00 12092
HSE 143Understanding Your Culture - Scoring Sheets (ITALIAN)20.00 12008
HSE 116Managing Rule Breaking (ITALIAN)15.00 12078
HSE 124Managing Rule Breaking Inserts Only (ITALIAN)10.00 12036
HSE 121Risk Assessment Matrix - Bringing it to Life (ITALIAN)15.00 12050
HSE 125Improving Supervision (ITALIAN)25.00 12022
HSE 120Working Safely (ITALIAN)15.00 12064
HSE 093Understanding Your Culture (Korean)10.00 12148
HSE 094Understanding Your Culture - scoring pads (Korean)20.00 12134
HSE 096Risk Assessment Matrix (Korean)15.00 12120
HSE 095Working Safely (Korean)15.00 12106
HSE 076Understanding Your Culture (NORWEGIAN)10.00 12218
HSE 077Understanding Your Culture scoring pads (NORWEGIAN)20.00 12204
HSE 100Managing Rule Breaking (NORWEGIAN)15.00 12190
HSE 111Managing Rule Breaking Inserts (NORWEGIAN)10.00 12176
HSE 115Risk Assessment Matrix: Bringing it to Life (NORWEGIAN)15.00 12246
HSE 105Improving Supervision (NORWEGIAN)25.00 12162
HSE 119Working Safely (NORWEGIAN)15.00 12232
HSE 031Understanding Your Culture (PORTUGUESE - Entendo a Sua Cultura)10.00 12274
HSE 030Understanding Your Culture scoring pads (PORTUGUESE - Entendo a Sua Cultura scoring pads)20.00 12260
HSE 122Managing Rule Breaking (PORTUGUESE)15.00 12316
HSE 133Managing Rule Breaking Worksheets (PORTUGUESE)10.00 12288
HSE 034Improving Supervision (PORTUGUESE)25.00 12330
HSE 123Driving for Excellence (PORTUGUESE)15.00 12302
HSE 023Understanding Your Culture (RUSSIAN)10.00 12498
HSE 025Understanding Your Culture scoring pads (RUSSIAN)20.00 12400
HSE 200Learning from incidents (RUSSIAN)25.00 566584
HSE 050Making Change Last (RUSSIAN)10.00 12414
HSE 059Managing Rule-Breaking (RUSSIAN)15.00 12386
HSE 051Risk Assessment Matrix: Bringing it to Life (RUSSIAN)15.00 12442
HSE 052Achieving Situation Awareness: The Rule of Three (RUSSIAN)10.00 12344
HSE 053Improving Supervision (RUSSIAN)25.00 12484
HSE 054Improving Supervision inserts only (RUSSIAN)10.00 12470
HSE055Working Safely (RUSSIAN)15.00 12428
HSE 056Driving for Excellence (RUSSIAN)15.00 12456
HSE 082Starter pack (includes all individual brochures) (SPANISH)150.00 12568
HSE 021Understanding Your Culture (SPANISH - Entendiendo Tu Cultura)10.00 12512
HSE 026Understanding Your Culture scoring pads (SPANISH - Entendiendo Tu Cultura scoring pads)20.00 12526
HSE 024Making Change Last (SPANISH - Hagamos que los Cambios Perduren)10.00 12610
HSE 057Managing Rule Breaking (SPANISH)15.00 12652
HSE 058Managing Rule Breaking worksheets (per set) (SPANISH)10.00 12540
HSE 020Risk Assessment Matrix: Bringing it to Life (SPANISH - Matriz de Evaluacion de Riesgos)15.00 12624
HSE 022Achieving Situation Awareness: The Rule of Three (SPANISH - Como lograr Conciencia de una Situacion en Cinco Minutos)10.00 12596
HSE 032Improving Supervision (SPANISH - Mejoras a la Supervision)25.00 12638
HSE 029Working Safely (SPANISH - Trabajar con Seguridad)15.00 12582
HSE 086Driving for excellence (SPANISH)15.00 12554
HSE 147Understanding your Culture (SWEDISH)10.00 12694
HSE 148Understanding your Culture - scoring pads (SWEDISH)20.00 12722
HSE 107Managing Rule Breaking (Swedish)15.00 12750
HSE 110Managing Rule Breaking Inserts (Swedish)10.00 12736
HSE 137Risk Assessment Matrix: Bringing it to Life (SWEDISH)15.00 12680
HSE 135Improving Supervision (SWEDISH)25.00 12708
HSE 140Working Safely (SWEDISH)15.00 12666
HSE 198Achieving Situation Awareness (TURKISH)10.00 314281
HSE 127Managing Rule Breaking (TURKISH)15.00 12792
HSE 128Managing Rule Breaking Inserts Only (TURKISH)10.00 12820
HSE 130Risk Assessment Matrix - Bringing it to Life (TURKISH)15.00 12764
HSE 126Improving Supervision (TURKISH)25.00 12806
HSE 129Working Safely (TURKISH)15.00 12778

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